"Within two weeks, my hot flashes had subsided!"


“Very open to alternative/integrative medicine, I came to Health in Motion a few months ago in a very deep depression (my first major depression in 17 years). I immediately felt welcome and accepted by the atmosphere, the support staff and Greg.

Combined with traditional therapy, I came to acupuncture 2x a week for 7 weeks, then 1x a week and now every other week, just as Greg had stated in my treatment plan the first day after he extensively interviewed me about my condition, my history and my lifestyle. Treating my 'whole person', within 2 weeks, my hot flashes had subsided (which I'd been experiencing for a few years, independent of my depression). I found and continue to find the acupuncture most relaxing, as I slowly recovered from my depression.

We added Chinese herbs to my Western medical mix several weeks ago, and I immediately started feeling much, much better, able to return to work within a week feeling completely myself, after being on medical leave for 3 months. I am forever grateful to Greg and Health in Motion for assisting my recovery.”

C.C., West Orange, NJ 

"Wonderful staff, acupuncturists and Pilates instructors!"


"I can not say enough about the wonderful staff, acupuncturists and Pilates instructors at Health in Motion.

I have been receiving acupuncture treatments with Kim Fong for the last few years and her support has been key to completing numerous half marathons and my first marathon!

As a runner herself, Kim understands how to troubleshoot and treat the tightness that arises from year-round training and I am so thankful for her partnership in wellness.

As an added bonus, I have been able to train with Ann Marie Alvarez on the Pilates reformer at the HIM studio. Kim and Ann Marie work closely together so they share knowledge and treatment plans.

Ann Marie understands the mechanics of the body and is able to provide exactly the training I need depending on what needs strengthening and stretching." 

J.S., Scotch Plains, NJ

"Acupuncture was my saving grace. Thanks, Greg!"


“I have been getting acupuncture with Greg for almost a year now and I couldn't be happier. From the beginning he was very optimistic and extremely informative about what the process was going to be like.

He has taken extra time and care to make sure that my treatments are adjusted as my symptoms change. He's determined to find new ways to help me in my healing process.

He truly goes above and beyond. After trying many different medications and other treatment options, acupuncture was my saving grace. Thanks Greg!” 

K.Z., Westfield, NJ 

"Kim is never allowed to retire"


“Finding Kim has been one of the best things that has ever happened to me! I have painful herniated discs in my neck and, prior to meeting Kim, I had tried pain management (12 Advil a day plus muscle relaxants) and physical therapy (which did nothing to ease the pain). 

Within the first week of acupuncture treatments with Kim, I felt relief. Now I visit once a week or so and feel great! Kim is also able to help control many other issues like my heart palpitations, allergies, and the aches, pains and misery that come along with perimenopause!

Kim is never allowed to retire because I don’t know what I’d do without her!”

C.G, Warren, NJ 

"Pain-free since the treatment"


"Greg, I want to thank you sincerely for the help you provided on my back.

I have been pain-free since the end of the treatment period, been playing tennis, doing plenty of house work and other things that would otherwise have been real problems if my back hadn’t gotten better.

I hope it stays this way for a good amount of time in the future, but if I have any issues I know where to turn. I will certainly be referencing you if the issue of pain management or acupuncture comes up!"

A.H., Westfield, NJ 

"Kim and her staff put me at ease"


“I put off trying acupuncture because of fear and nervousness. Health in Motion made me feel there is nothing to be nervous about.

I have been coming to Health in Motion for several months for arthritis. My hands were badly inflamed when I first contacted Kim. She was and is knowledgeable, understanding, gentle and kind.

Kim and her staff put me at ease. The acupuncture has helped tremendously with the pain. I continue to come because we are now working on other areas of my health. I feel really taken care of by Kim and the staff.”

C.B., Mountainside, NJ